The ILMT-s2s Corpus


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Fifteen dialogues were collected with the map task elicitation technique in a setting where the interaction is mediated by a speech-to-speech translation system. The system was implemented using off-the-shelf technology to enable speakers of different languages to communicate with each other (remotely, over the network) in their native languages. This prototype speech-to-speech translation system (ILMTs2s system) adds 3 elements: Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Machine Translation (MT) and Text To Speech (TTS) synthesis into the communication – we call these “filters”. Our main interest is to understand how such filters affect the participants in terms of cognitive load, adaptation of communicative acts to the technology, prosodic alignment and repair strategies, and other factors that might have implications for the design of dialogue systems and, in particular, speech-to-speech translation systems.


This research is supported by Science Foundation Ireland through the CNGL Programme (Grant 12/CE/I2267) in the ADAPT Centre ( at Trinity College, Dublin.

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